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Web Design

Sampling of Websites Developed by EBTech:

You never cease to amaze us.  We could see no value in using the web for our organization as our previous web designer made it difficult and costly for us to update our site.  Your content management system makes it simple and easy to use.  We really enjoy the fact that it costs us nothing to update too!
We're hooked now!  You'll get a million recommendations from us!


Web & Interactive Design

Build a website in four steps:

  • Discovering.

    Together we define the goals and assess the needs of four important factors: your business, your clients, your brand and your website. Where these overlap is the heart of the project.

  • Building.

    Our design team merges the information structure and presentation decisions with brand-enforcers and functionality to create a working, interactive environment.

  • Integrating.

    We integrate web-tailored content into the site, whether static or using content management tools.

  • Launching.

    We deliver additional tools and strategies to build your online presence, including promotions and advertising opportunities.

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